3K / 5K / 10K / 15K / Half Marathon


Your Package Investment Includes

  • Walk or Run Plans

    Pick from a variety of walking and running plans: 3K, 5K & 10K (Beginner and Advanced), 15K or Half Marathon.

  • Facebook Community

    Private Facebook group to share with other women from around the world, post your questions and receive support.

  • Weekly Emails

    Weekly email cues and reminders to keep you on track and keep in touch with your progress.

  • LIVE Coaching

  • Cross Training Videos

    A library of workout videos to improve overall body strength, conditioning and cardio.

  • Resource Materials 

    PDF Guides on road safety, injury prevention, shoe, stretching, race day preparation & more

  • Race Medal (extra cost)

    Race Medal delivered to your house to commemorate your experience.

  • Speed Drills & Hills

    Optional speed and hill walk or run workouts to improve your strength and conditioning for race day.

  • Virtual Race Day

    LIVE Facebook race day with Louise Green, finish line announcements and post race Zoom event.

The #1 reason this program has such a high success rate is because participants have the option to customize their plan at any time, directly with Louise Green so that we can meet your body, exactly where it's at.


No more throwing in the towel when it gets too hard, just customize!

Run or walk training programs designed specifically for larger bodies to help keep you injury free so that you can reach that finish line!

Who this is for and which distance should I choose?


This is for walkers and runners of all ages, sizes and various fitness levels.


3K - This is for people who are new to movement and want to start off with a shorter distance but require rest or stretching periods.


5K Beginner - This is for people right off the couch who have never run or walked a 5K distance or for people who have not trained for this distance in quite some time.


5K Intermediate - This is for people who are currently active and who have a cardio fitness base or who have previously done our 5K beginner.


10K Beginner - This can be for people who have never run or walked this distance, but ideal for those who can comfortably walk or run at least 3km.


10K Intermediate - This is for people who have completed our 5K program or 10K beginner or for people who regularly exercise. You should be able to comfortably run or fast walk for 3 minute intervals. 


15K - This is for people who have completed a 10K training but are not quite ready for a half marathon distance. Must have a 6km base distance and be able to comfortably run or fast walk 6 minute intervals.


Half Marathon - This is for people who can run or fast walk a strong 10KM at a 6:1 interval and although this might be challenging for you, you can comfortably complete it.


What Our Athletes Say...

"The training really, really works! Anyone can do this - the mental support found in the group is great."

Desiree, British Columbia Canada

"Big Fit Girl 5K Training is THE BEST!!! I never thought I could run a 5K but I did...Louise Green and her programme made this goal achievable for me alone with so many others."

Anonymous, California USA

"Our group of ladies came from all walks of life, different ages, different parts of the world. It was an amazing experience and I can't wait to do it again."

Paula, BC Canada

"Big Fit Girl 5K Training was the key to me translating my dream of being able to run again into a reality. Louise Green's program is amazing."

Jennifer, Ontario Canada

"I have NEVER been a runner, but the program Louise Green created and the amazing group of women who committed to the challenge, made completing this possible."

Vanessa, Arizona USA

"I have been completely shocked and surprised at how my body went from barely being able to run 30 seconds to running a 5K."

Caroline, Montana USA

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One Payment

There is a misconception out there that larger bodied people can't run. We've been smashing stereotypes one finisher at a time, since 2007. 


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